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Named after Milka, my American Bulldog, and dedicated to my parents who passed on to me their passion for travel and photography, MilkaWay Photography specializes in images from America mainly, the South especially and Georgia in particular. It is not my intention to glorify nor mock the South, but rather to capture any and all aspects of it, from the grand to the destitute, and the historically significant to the whimsical.

All my photos are tagged with keywords for easy retrieval. Please use the "search" option if you are interested in a particular subject but do not have the time to browse. While I will upload photos regularly, the SmugMug collection shows only a fraction of my work - if you are looking for a particular image, feel free to contact me and I will gladly add an image or try to get it for you. Prints are available upon request. Please e-mail me at

Dagmar Nelson

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